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Digestive Health

Digestive Health is fundamental to your long-term well being and must be addressed for comprehensive treatment of all health conditions, as well as for long-term health and wellness. At Wellness Vision we can help you to overcome or at least better manage your digestive disorders naturally, so they no longer rule your life.

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Adrenal and Thyroid Support - Wellness Vision

Adrenal and Thyroid Support

Long-term stress and lack of relaxation have resulting in a massive increase in thyroid and adrenal disorders. Adrenal issues are interrelated with thyroid issues, as you cannot treat one without supporting the other. We aim to thoroughly assess and support of your thyroid and adrenal function, while also ruling out other causes of your symptoms.

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Wellness Vision - Specialising in Women's Health

Women’s Health

At Wellness Vision we can help with all areas of Women’s Health including menopause, PCOS, PMS, endometriosis, menstrual difficulties, recurrent infections, healthy ageing and more. Our individually tailored approach will improve the health and wellness of your whole body, instead of only targeting your symptoms.

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Naturopathy is a holistic science based on the the body’s inherent ability to heal itself. By supporting the body, providing the nutrients it needs and addressing underlying imbalances balance can be restored.

The naturopathic approach towards assessment and treatment includes nutrition, herbal medicine, iridology, functional testing, lifestyle counselling and nutritional supplementation.

All practitioners at Wellness Vision are degree-qualified and fully insured.

Nutritional Genetics

Nutritional genetics (or nutrigenomics) is a new scientific approach to individualising naturopathic treatments, as well as dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

The test we offer involves DNA analysis of 45 gene variations that effect biochemical pathways for important cellular processes, such as DNA protection, inflammation, appetite regulation, immunity and metabolism (to name a few). It is not screening your for disease risk, but instead seeing which of your cellular functions may be sluggish or overactive.

These pathways can then be supported by an individually tailored dietary, lifestyle and supplementation plan that is both simple and takes the guess work out of what is best for you from a genetic level. The great news is that this test only needs to be done once, as your genes don’t change. Click HERE for more information.

Nutritional Assessment

At Wellness Vision we believe that through food we can have the most profound effect on our health. Science has shown that our foods actually “speak” to our genes and can actually turn our genes on and off. 

We believe that you cannot supplement your body out of an unhealthy diet, so a focus on dietary adjustment is a part of all treatment recommendations. 

We believe in enjoying life and can work with you to design a food plan for long-term health that blends with your lifestyle.


Iridology is a great tool to help us gauge possible strengths and weaknesses that have been inherited through the family line. Jasmin is trained in advanced iridology and will assess the iris colour and fibre structural type, as well as any specific markings in different areas that correspond to different organ areas.  Iridology is not a diagnositic tool, however it does provide a great deal of useful information. Iridology is included as part of your initial consultation. Click HERE for more details.

Cellular Health Screening

Cellular Health Screening can assess you for factors that may be influencing your health, including possible nutrient requirements, immune system health, inflammatory markers, oxidative stress and free radical damage.

Cellular Health Screening is quick and suitable for infants, children and adults. All results will be explained in your report complete with photos. Click HERE for more details.

Biomedical Pathology

As a Biomedical Scientist and science-minded naturopath, Jasmin Polley has a solid understanding of how to assess optimal organ function using a variety of in-clinic, general pathology and functional pathology testing. These tests can be very beneficial in both initial assessment and also for monitoring your progress. If further testing is recommended for you, all cost and benefits will be explained in detail during your consultation.  See ‘Testing‘ for details of the tests we can offer.

Herbal Medicine

We use the highest quality herbal preparations that are stringently tested to ensure optimal potency and quality. All liquid herbal preparations are prepared individually to ensure your blend is specific for your individual needs. Tablet preparations are also available if you are not keen on a liquid tonic.

Evidence-based Supplementation

We only recommend the highest-quality supplements and are not loyal to any companies which means that we can suggest the most effective individualised treatment for your needs. It is also important to point out that high-quality doesn’t always mean expensive, as you generally need to take less to get a therapeutic effect.

Many supplements on the market are poor quality and poorly produced resulting in reduced potency. They are often not standardised and quality controlled to ensure they contain high levels of the main active ingredients, which can vary greatly between different raw products and manufacturing techniques.

Many over-the-counter supplements can also contain numerous fillers and processing aids that are not disclosed on the label, as this is not required by Australian labeling laws.



Individualised Treatment

At Wellness Vision we pride ourselves on individually tailoring your treatment plan to ensure that all aspects of your health, long-term wellness and lifestyle are being considered. Treatment rationale and estimated time-frames are also explained. By helping you understand the benefits of following our suggestions, we know that you will begin to feel in control of your own health and more committed to getting results.


Let us empower you with a clear wellness vision!

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